by Derelict

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Kenny McCullers
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Kenny McCullers "I guess you can derelict my balls Capitan."
"I can derelict my own balls thank you very much."
ParrotsAway thumbnail
ParrotsAway Savage, witty, and original. Let these Canadians blast your ears off as they opine over the woes and painful human failings of modern society. Wry intelligence meets nuanced brutality. Favorite track: Expiry.
Samuel Cripps
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Samuel Cripps This is a RAD ALBUM !! rely dig it !! Love all the tracks but the opening tack is what got me in to them ! Favorite track: Perpetuation.
Anthony HARIVEL thumbnail
Anthony HARIVEL Excellent technical death metal. I want more!!! Favorite track: Perpetuation.
King Jonas the Humble
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King Jonas the Humble There is nothing derelict about this album. It is acute, precise and brutal. These guys should be signed. An easy four out five fists of death (and a brutal slap for that elusive 4.5 grade).
Travis Statham
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Travis Statham A powerful political statement invoked through the useage of great riffs.
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2012. Mixed and Mastered by Chris Donaldson.
Produced by Chris Donaldson, Eric Burnet and Derelict.


released April 20, 2012

All music and lyrics are the property of Derelict,
Copyright 2011.
All arrangements by Derelict.
All lyrics by Eric Burnet.



all rights reserved


Derelict Montréal, Québec

Hailing from Montreal, Derelict mixes the brutal and technical elements of the Quebec metal scene with listenable structures and melody, resulting in an unforgiving yet accessible package. The band’s trademark sound has led to comparisons with the likes of Death, Strapping Young Lad, and The Black Dahlia Murder. ... more

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Track Name: Perpetuation
Snuffed upon inception
Denial of emergence
Scientific revolution quelled by benign institutions

Round and round the carousel
Repeat the cycle, repeat the past

The state of competition
Engine of devolution
Struggling for accumulation
Cyclical over-consumption

Finite space filled up with waste
Perpetuation of scarcity

Reach for the dollar at the bottom of the barrel

Tell lies to sell your wares, to wear your crown, proud

Maniacal delusions corrupting root intentions
Custom-made interpretations
Firebrand hate incantations

Summoning the Gods of wrath
Hell rained down in fiscal swaths

Raised to believe in a foolproof system
Taught how to lead as the ruling class
Tainted by notions of objective absolutism
Blind so see that there was never a backup plan
Track Name: Spoils Of War
This is a haunted land
And the ghouls walk among men
Their affliction transcends

We are beyond redemption
Beyond sympathy

Behold the fruits of our labor
The ill-begotten spoils of war

De-education is the sharpest blade
With which to amputate
Pride, confidence, wisdom and honor
Genetically picked out and slaughtered

A heavy conscience hangs
Only on those who dare to see through the dream

We justify the sins of our fathers
We build upon a foundation of bones

We take to heart the lies of our mothers
We lock our souls in an armor of stone

History is written in chalk
By those who hold the steel
Our dreams of vengeance must one day overcome our apathy
Track Name: Expiry
Blacken your lungs with the air of the twenty-first century
Drink in the plastic debris
Profit from the murder of the engine of all living growth
Reap in the benefits of slavery

Can you feel it falling apart?
Approaching expiry

The end result
The final cash out
Don’t be afraid, admit intent
It was all part of the plan
To sanctify our economic system

Dissent in the face of irrefutable scientific evidence
Treason committed in the name of faith
Blindness promoted through the comforts of deep class divisions
Silenced are the voices of periphery

And so it was decreed
This age shall bathe in the acid rain

We are the bringers of the end result
The profiteers of the final cash out
Don’t be afraid, admit intent
It was all part of the plan
To sanctify our economic system

Clear out the forest for cattle and real estate
Disparage indigenous peoples and creatures
Rejoice in the filth of the Hell you’ve created
As all green and life around you shall wither, blacken, and die
Track Name: Digital Birthright
A digital birthright grown to replace identity
Un-culture professing connection
Insulation from humanity

Gross promotion of your lust for your self-image
Grasp at the straws of the reap of your sought pity

Whole kingdoms made of follower clone-bots
Same ideas, paste on, repeat
Celebrations of illiterate fumbling
Drunk off attention, want, and need

Spawned of a void of effect
And prescribed culture
Lost in a swarm of detached and unreal egos

Create nothing new
Become nothingness
Repeat gibberish

Searching for a savior in half-baked lists of random musings
Intermittent progress, a telltale sign of muted weakness

Infatuation with irrelevant facts, the mind kept ever dull
Circulating public introspection
Infantilizing the intellectual

Bled from the mind of the weak and the hollow-hearted
Words walk like sheep in a line of the same colors

So shall we discuss the end of days?
Or roll on the floor laughing at each other's inanities?
Track Name: Intricate Decay
A structured, siphoning exploitation
Designed for wealth consolidation
All exclusive

In an ocean of fiscal corruption, all implication is morally bankrupt

Entitlement justifies starvation
For the well fed
Police the rest in concentration
Made invisible

Pulling at heartstrings to hold back the tide
Using archaisms to validate massive subjugation
Correct for deviance with bonuses and erase the conscience

Cash your economic right to gorge and be obese
Stake your claim and feed
Crush any objection
Girth has weight in policy
Pay to remain free
Swell, grow

No mistake in design, calculate
No escape from this hold, retrograde
Devalue human life for own sake
Profit from starvation, death and rape

Intricate decay, elaborate rot
Pieced together
The numbers are growing too big to hide
As it all adds up
Track Name: Olympic
International social collateral damage
Casualties of our lust for entertainment

This is a prelude to all our futures
This is a tribute to all our failures

Bleeding oracles glow bright on the screen
Just far enough for us all to ignore

This is a prelude to all our futures
This is a tribute to all our failures
We stand as witnesses to our abuses
We fall united in knowing silence

Federal funding of forced relocation
Globalized movement to disperse the poor
An event mass-marketed as worldwide unity
Proves that bankers still rule with impunity

Foreign labor human rights abuses
Invisible on the front page
A class subverted to build coliseums
Disposable serfs as foundations of kingdoms
Track Name: Ergogenic
Countless individuals ground into dust
Free market labor

Perspective numbed, beautified
Euphoria negating spirit and will
The grind becomes still, patterned
Dissipating hatred and longing for choice

Feed more poison

Fuel for the middle class
Ergogenic motivation

Their equitable claims assign blame
Clean slavery ingrained in culture
Ignoring the biology, for progress
We worship the technocracy

Feed more poison directly into the veins

The inevitable crash
Dehydration, nausea
The cravings return in force
Unable to summon the power to move

Feed more poison directly into the veins
Track Name: Recreated
Thrown to the ground
The graven image of a savior
Tallying betrayals
To count them all down

Frailty revealed
The covenants are quickly tested
But nothing here is healed
Shackles shed have left deep wounds

Seeing ones self in the light

And will we purify?
Savor the triumph of a thousand lies revealed?

Or will we end each other, end our own?
Lost to the sands of time in chaos and despair

Solace, intangible
Seeking concrete definitions
Revelation dealt its blows
Hidden strings and hardened skins

Behind, an empty cell
Still limiting imagination
Housing our despair
And doubt in the self-wrought
Track Name: Yours To Surpass
The years are etched into your skin
And so you weep… for dreams forgotten

Crawling through life

You beg the master for his table scraps
I’d rather be the master and eat until I’m full
Bowing to none, I am delivered

Karma, fortune, destiny
Foolish notions for the weak
Your fate is yours to surpass
Your foes are yours to destroy
And so you rise…

All this could be yours if you throw off your chains

But you’ve made your choice and you cannot change
Add up all the reasons why slavery is safer
Do your master’s bidding, answer to his call
Be the faithful servant
As you are destined to regret

Your fate is yours to surpass
Your foes are yours to destroy

Track Name: Shackles Of Indoctrination
Caught in between an overwhelming sense of duty
And the instinct to survive

Forced into an twisted chain of daily tortures
A perilous compromise

Coiled into machine-like tension
Told to ignore grueling symptoms

Birthed to slave
To toil in redundancy
Taught to behave
To appreciate hypocrisy

Welcoming the sweet release of stupefied intoxication
Finally numbing the aches of daily blood work

Kneeling down before the kings of stable economics
Kissing the ring on the hand of the chief executive god

Your desire for free will is unproductive
Your frustration with your life is irrelevant
Work yourself down to the bone to produce nothing
Give yourself unto the system till you die

Unless you take it back...

Why do we bear subjugation
And never dare to react?
Allow our lives to be purchased
With riches made off our backs
“Work hard, and save our nation”
Lies told keep us controlled
Meanwhile we grow our knowledge
The truest power we hold
Track Name: The Iridium Layer
Evolution births our conscious thought and seeks to fix in time
The twisting currents of the cosmos in the human mind

Blueprints of death
Designs of demise
Left here to attest
A layer of iridium

Fossilized message
To be heard or ignored
Condition of frailty
Destined to recur

The forces that support life on this fragile rock
Are in constant motion

Forfeit, all life
See the fire in the sky?
Man made? God sent?
The consequences are the same

Denial of hard facts
Delays preparation
Feasting with fools
In drunk futility

Experimenting, childlike, high on our creations
Wearing the crosshairs we await retaliation


A gift received, squandered
Deafened ears go numb
Shirking paths, we wander
Upon iridium

Embracing savageness we conquer
Seeking sacrifice
Praying to ancient Gods, alone
We watch the sky
Track Name: Emergence
When all signs point towards the catastrophic
The time for timid acquiescence has passed
Ascended logic and the proven truths of science
Must challenge all folly, distortion, and lies

Raised to buy into systemic corruption
Withheld education, enslavement en masse
The indicators of this failure in vision
Are clearly unfolding in front of our eyes

From economic perspectives and interests, we must be firm and selective
But one may call to attention the fact of the root monetary social construction


To carry on in total denial
Would be emblematic and typically “us”
A fundamental devolution of perceptions
Could crumble the balance to ashes and dust

Find the strength to overcome this abyss
To conquer greed, hate, and pettiness
To transcend animalistic existence

Scoff the words of the brash and intolerant
Cast off the chains of dependence
Become the change you’ve always envisioned
Stake a claim, for this is your planet

This is our home